Banacol Colombia was born in November 1980 as an entrepreneurial company that today is part of an important business group that adopted its same name, a source of employment for thousands of people who, from the plantations, factories and offices in Colombia and Costa Rica, work together to satisfy the needs of the most demanding distributors and consumers, of our products.

Established in its beginnings as a marketing company, it quickly became an industrial and commercial conglomerate.

As part of a portfolio led by banana, which has allowed it to achieve recognition, it also produces and markets products such as: Pineapple and plantains.

Since the 1980s, when Banacol Colombia was a young company, it was clear about its vision of becoming the leading company in the production and marketing of bananas and in the supply of logistics services.

This is how, year after year, it experienced significant growth, acquiring and expanding its plantations and beginning its process of vertical integration since 1984, including the production of plastic, cardboard boxes, and aerial fumigation, fundamental pillars and strengths, compared to other competitors in the market, which allowed the company to be autonomous and have the total control within the entire production and marketing chain.

The constitution of Banacol of Costa Rica, in the mid 80’s, and the beginning of the operation of Santa Marta in 1989, allowed it to consolidate itself, in the decade of the eighties, as a business group with great capacity, ready to offer their products from different origins.

The presence in Costa Rica allowed the Company to enter the Pineapple business, initially selling the product to other multinationals. As of 2001, as a result of the reviewed vision and mission of the company, it started to sell directly the product in the United States and Europe, under its Venecia brand. Its increase in production and market share was very quick, showing an exponential growth since its first year of commercialization.

The purchase in Colombia in June 2004 of more than 5,000 hectares of banana by Banacol Colombia, was an unprecedented step that made Banacol the largest banana producer in Colombia and one of the most important in the international market, expanding its productive capacity more than three times, through the operation in 39 own farms, which add up to a cultivated area of ​​7,000 hectares; and in the main port logistics operator in Urabá. This acquisition allows the Company significant savings, efficiencies and capture of great synergies.

From the productive perspective, the Banacol Group had, in the decade of the 90s and the beginning of the new millennium, a determined development in the commercial area, through the export of tropical fruits, to the United States, Canada and other countries in Europe; the sale of agricultural goods and materials, and the provision of cargo transportation services to and from the United States.

Between 2012 and 2014, the macroeconomic context and the difficulties of the Colombian banana sector forced Banacol to redefine its business model, focusing on production and changing the marketing scheme; going from direct presence in the market to a FOB business.

Likewise, as of January 2013, Banacol’s production and logistics activity in Colombia was concentrated in Urabá.

More than 4,400 people, make up the Banacol group. These employees, together with their families, constitute a group of more than 17,600 people who get their livelihood and development from the Company.