Our main objective is to protect ecosystems, workers and the community, and to maintain good practices in the environmental and social management of farms. We protect natural resources: flora, fauna, soil and water; we optimize the use of phytosanitary products and ensure health and safety of our workers.

Organic waste from manufacturing is incorporated as organic matter to the plantation. Other waste products are properly disposed of according to requirements established by the laws of Colombia and Costa Rica.

All our banana in Colombia and Costa Rica have this certification.


With the implementation of Global-Gap standards we incorporated Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Integrated Crop Management (ICM) within the framework of agricultural production; these two programs are essential to improve and sustain productivity.

Our commitment to customers is to deliver excellent quality products that meet the standards for consumption. All our banana and pineapple farms have this certification.

Additionally, the Banacol Corporation contributed to the certification of the first banana farms in Good Agricultural Practices, Eurep-Gap standard and subsequent recertification in Global-Gap, becoming the only farms in the world certified under these standards.

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This is a social standard aimed to improve life quality, welfare and working conditions for our workers and their families. Our policy is not to hire underage workers as well as not discriminating by race, sex, age, origin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation, among others.

The Company aims for health, hygiene and occupational safety of its workers, training them periodically and providing them with personal protection elements for the performance of their duties.

All our banana farms in Colombia have this certification.


Logistic operations carried out by the Banacol Corporation in Urabá, Colombia and at the port of Moín in Costa Rica, are certified by the BASC international standard (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce). This certification allows Banacol to generate confidence in national and international communities and it is the guarantor of business opportunity and generates credibility in national and international authorities as a company that meets the standards of safety in each of its processes.


Our port facilities in Nueva Colonia and Zungo, in Urabá, are certified by the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security), whose objective is to obtain favorable conditions of security for all people performing work activities in ports and ships served by Banacol.


This certification validates the safety levels of our vessels and naval devices, as well as the operational processes and communication protocols we carry out to prevent contamination of the cargo we transport.